Fight Your Frontline

Chris Hunter served for almost 20 years with the Coldstream Guards, including tours of duty in Iraq and two tours of Afghanistan fighting the Taliban during 2007-11 which some consider to have been one of the campaign's most violent periods.

Chris has many tattoos on his body. Amongst them are some that describes his pain, some dedicated to 8 of his brothers in arms that are no longer with us. He received a Task Force Helmand Commander's commendation for his 'inspirational leadership and calmness under fire' during his final tour of Afghanistan, but struggled tremendously with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Adjustment Disorder after his desire of ever returning to the frontline was taken away due to a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis, deeming him medically unable to return to a warzone with the British Army.

Bearing the scars of war, particularly after the loss of his best friend in his platoon, Lt Dougie Dalzell MC, who won the Military Cross for his actions in which another one of Chris's friends, Sgt John Amer was killed, died on his 28th birthday in 2010. As a result, Chris was medically discharged in 2018.

Back on Civvy Street, Chris, struggled to find a new role in life, feeling as though there was no place for him in society and even slept under his army poncho on a beach during a spell of homelessness. Destined to find a new sense of identity and a crippling desire to 'die a soldiers death', he made contact with paramilitary groups in Syria in an attempt to join forces until his son gave him a reason to live on. He was partly able to regain a new identity as a father and a Dreamboy after a successful audition in 2019.

Chris has founded this clothing brand that originated from the idea of supporting those who have been effected by fighting on the frontline and quickly evolved to signify the struggles that everyone faces on a daily basis. Recognising this as THEIR frontline and that everyone has battle scars from their own individual battles. Whether that be, personal demons to destroy or goals to conquer, Frontline Ind. was born

His first release, 'The Battlescar' Collection embodies and embraces that almost everyone has battle scars and that they aren't alone. His latest release is in support and admiration of the amazing work being conducted by those on the NHS Frontline.